Best Choice Insurance … A Better Way

What are you looking for in an Insurance Agent? Are you frustrated by your current Insurance Agency?  Do you wait days for a response to an inquiry?  Worse yet, no response at all?  Do you understand your policy?  Do you know what your coverages are, what they mean and whether or not they are right for you?  Do you feel comfortable enough with your current agent to ask questions?  What about trust?  The relationship with your Insurance Agent is based on it.

Best Choice Insurance Agency - DeLand FloridAt Best Choice Insurance Agency, we do things differently.  Insurance can be complicated, and your agency shouldn’t be intimidating.  It should be a source of comfort for you, knowing that you’ve got someone looking out for your best interest.  We will take as much time as you need. If you’d like to pop in, drop off paperwork and have us call or email you with quotes, etc., we can do that. If you’d like to sit with us while we work on your particular needs, you are welcome to do so.

Some clients come in, sit for an hour with a cup of coffee and chat up a storm. Others prefer to do everything by phone or email. It’s up to you. Your time is valuable, and we respect it. We always follow up, and we won’t leave you waiting by the phone for a response.

If you are coming in, and you would like us to run quotes for you, it will help to have your existing insurance policy declarations pages. For auto quotes, we’ll need VINs for all autos and driver’s license numbers and birth dates for all drivers. We’ll need to know if you’ve have any accidents or tickets (and the details), and how long you’ve been with your current insurer.

For home insurance, bring any inspections you’ve had done, such as a Four Point Inspection or a Wind Loss Mitigation Inspection. Of course, we can take the information by phone as well.

Sometimes, we can save you money, sometimes we can’t. We can always help answer questions and show you where you might have gaps in coverage.
When was the last time you had someone look at your insurance policies?  When was the last time you had someone shop around for a better rate? Do you wonder about your current carrier and their ability to be there for you during a claim? Come in and let us help.  Best Choice is an Independent Agency, which means we work for you, not the Insurance Company.

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