Auto Insurance

Everyone needs it…but how much do you know about the coverage you have? Do you know what all of those terms on your declarations page mean?

Don’t wait until you have to file a claim to find out that there are holes in your policy.  One in four Florida drivers on the road are uninsured. How does that affect you and how can you protect yourself?  What are the insurance carriers looking for and how can you help lower the cost of your auto insurance?

Some common questions about your auto insurance:

  • Does my auto insurance cover break ins?  Is my personal property in my car covered?
  • If a passenger is injured, what are my risks?
  • Am I covered for uninsured motorists?
  • What’s the coverage on my antique car that I restored?
  • Is my trailer covered when I’m towing it?
  • Does having a higher deductible limit my claims too severely?

If you don’t know the answers to your auto insurance questions, shouldn’t you find out before you need that policy to cover something?

Give me a call, let’s talk about it.  Best Choice Insurance Agency will get your questions answered.  We are your DeLand Florida insurance specialists, and we can get you quotes for your auto insurance that cover all of your needs, not just some!

Auto Insurance - Best Choice Insurance Agency DeLand Florida

Is my trailer covered by my insurance policy when I’m towing it?

Auto Insurance DeLand Florida - Best Choice Insurance Agency

Am I covered for breakdowns in the middle of nowhere?